The current dynamic of Pakistan’s society calls for serious steps for future stability as with every passing day; our fatal fault lines are becoming intriguingly challenging. The centrality of solemn contribution for a resonating consonance ensuring peaceful co-existence has never been needed so direly as now. Center of Peace and Social Studies (CPASS) is a newly established non-partisan, nonprofit organization working as a peace advocate through countering violent extremism, youth development, and social cohesion. The institute also works for democratic reforms and cultural integration among various societal entities within Pakistan and regionally. The objective is to overcome the extremist, criminal, and rebellious ideologies penetrating the youths of various religious, ethnic, and nationalist communities. To integrate the Madrassah students into mainstream society through collaborative awareness, de-radicalization, and reform programs are also among the CPASS agenda priorities.
Furthermore, CPASS sees it imperative for the region’s intelligentsia and policymakers in the rapidly transforming global and regional environment to influence the ethnic, religious, socio-economic classes, entities, and groups to shun their traditional belief systems, getting out of their narrowly-designed shells, and start thinking out-of-box. The ultimate objective is to achieve a greater degree of social balance, harmony, and peace through greater integrations and understanding of increased interdependence, patience, and pluralism. This is actually ought of the time, and that’s why it’s one of the most powerful ideas of this era. Research projects, seminars for awareness and advocacy, interactive workshops, round-table discussion forums, provision of platforms to the representatives of various identities and communities are some of the methods CPASS employs to achieve its envisioned objectives. Team CPASS keeps itself updated to modify its modus operandi as per the need of the time and audiences it deals with.
CPASS also offers its service to help and understand the developments related to Pakistan and the regions surrounding it according to specific requirements. With its team of dedicated researchers and a pool of retired and serving officials, our team works on geo-strategic, geo-economic, diplomatic, political, and security-related issues, developments, and trends. CPASS is a registered (Sec 42, Companies Ordinance 1984) not-for-profit organization.

It also aims:
To provide a platform to the youth to better understand national and international conflicts through a knowledge-based approach from all possible angles and dimensions.
To promote a better understanding of the threat of violence and terrorism emanating from a variety of sources in Pakistan and abroad.
To keep a close liaison with some of the leading global peace and security institutes and think tanks to create space for alternative views and approaches.

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